About Us!


                                     Prissy was born Spt 8, 2010  /  Bomber was born May 29, 2010

Hello, we are pot-bellied pigs Prissy & Bomber! We are very loving pets and like to have fun. We are very smart too. Did you know that pigs are rated the smartest domestic animal & 4th smartest of all animals with intellects compared to that of a 2-3 year old child? Yep, it’s a fact that ALL pig breeds are intelligent. Unfortunately, many pigs are very abused and neglected and, because they are so smart, they become sad; depressed; and some even go insane from poor living conditions. That is why we are working with our human parents, Frank and Tiffney, to help other pigs who are less fortunate than us. Currently we care for over 300 pigs in Tampa, Florida. Won't you join us in our efforts?

Through our nonprofit organization, we have made it a life-long commitment to both prevent and eliminate the suffering of pigs across the nation. We do this  through a variety of ways such as education, adoption services, partnering with other rescues, and ensuring food, shelter, health care and a nurturing environment for needy pigs. We guarantee that every cent generously donated to our cause will be spent toward caring for the animals. Considering that we personally belong to the wonderful porcine (pig) family, this guarantee actually means something! 


Frank Dunaway's a Lt. Colonel with the U.S. Army with degrees in History and Education

  Tiffney Stiles-Dunaway's a Paramedic w/ degrees in General Studies & Applied Science

In late 2010 Prissy and Bomber’s parents, Tiffney and Frank, were ecstatic about bringing home their new piglet bundles of joy.  Having done their research, they knew pigs not only to be as intelligent as a 2-3 year old human child but to also be so genetically close to humans that their hearts have been used in the medical field to save people’s lives, such as through heart valve replacements. Due to these vital factors, Tiffney and Frank took their commitment with their new piglets seriously, vowing always to care for them and to never abandon them during their approximate 20 year or so life span--  just as a person should never abandon their 2-3 year old child! 

It wasn’t until later that Frank and Tiffney began to realize these wonderful animals were in serious trouble.  After running across numerous pleading ads from pig rescues on the internet, it quickly became evident that many people were not making the same life-long commitment to take care of their pet pigs as they had. Instead of seeing these animals as beloved family members in need of loving care during their entire life span, these poor pig companions are being abandoned by the thousands. Their owners' selfish whims to buy a cute little piglet-- without committing to its lifelong care when it grows to be a much larger adult-- literally ruins those poor animals' lives. Due to their high intelligence, pigs truly suffer from abandonment and neglect by feeling rejected; sad; and depressed. 

 On the other hand, pigs can also feel great contentment and happiness when given the love and respect they deserve.  Prissy and Bomber, along with their parents, have made it a lifelong  goal and commitment to do just that—to give pigs the love and respect that they deserve so they may lead long, happy, and fulfilling lives. They work very hard to care for over 300 animals on 10 acres in Tampa, Florida and you can help them in their efforts by committing to: 

  • Never Eat, Breed, or Buy a pig!
  • Adopt or Sponsor a pig!
  • Volunteer with your local pig rescue!
  • Donate finances or resources to needy pigs!
  • Pass the word on to others about the plight of needy pigs!
Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these wonderful animals—one adorable & wet nose at a time!