Additional Charity Information: 

We are receiving a great deal of inquiries after taking in a large rescue of animals previously under Animal Control's care in North Florida. Please permit us to clarify our charity status further:


  • Our Tax Exempt Federal EIN number references our incorporation state of Colorado.
  • We have since moved to Tampa Florida and have become a legally recognized Foreign Entity Charity in that state as well.
  • Our incorporated name is "The Pig Pen" and our legal trade name, "Prissy & Bomber's Pig Pen," was included in our IRS 501c3 application documents meaning that we can accept donations under either name.
  • We have not yet filed a 990 due to being so new. Although incorporated in 2011, we did not actively start taking in donations until recently now that we've begun growing by leaps and bounds.

Be reassured that we only take in as many pigs as can be cared for within the confines of our budget. In other words, you will not be contributing to a struggling charity that will decline in time due to hoarding or breeding issues with our rescue. Where our charity is duly employed enough to provide the basic needs to the pigs, it is essential that we solicit donations from the public as well. In short, these animals were abandoned by the public and we need the public's help to fully care for them. The time and cost needed to care for these animals is immense and the more the public gives the more these animals flourish. Please keep in mind that the goal of Prissy & Bomber's Pig Pen is not only to care for their own pigs but to also help pigs across the nation through a large scale awareness initiative. We cannot do this without you and your kind support!


We are sincere individuals. The President of this rescue has been a paramedic for 20 years and the Vice President is a Lt. Colonel in the Army, meaning they've had a long history of helping their fellow man. Both have enjoyed being foster parents in the past and have assisted both the elderly and the youth in their community. The lives of both of these individuals changed after getting two precious pet pigs, Prissy and Bomber and soon thereafter started a charity in Prissy and Bomber's name. These two people have put their money where their mouth is. Before starting their own rescue, they donated generously to other rescues and launched several fundraising efforts to assist them. They later traded their nice home near the Colorado mountains for a Pig Pen in Florida!

We ask that you please peruse all of our pictures, videos, and pages throughout this website to get a good idea of how we started and where our heart and intentions are. In our older videos you will see the owners bringing home Prissy and Bomber as little babies, playing with them daily and being delighted with their intelligence. As time went on and their awareness grew regarding the plight of pigs you will see their videos change focus and grow toward an effort to teach others. In short, our experience as a rescue has been one of ongoing transition and real subsequent life changes. We hope that you join us in our journey to ensure true security and happiness for the wonderful pig-- one of earth's most intelligent and loving animals.

-- Yours Sincerely, Prissy & Bomber's Board members.

Below, Lt. Colonel Dunaway with some of his pigs

Prissy & Bomber               Prissy                           BeeBee                            BeeBee