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Please consider adopting a needy pig instead of buying one!

Please also do your research before getting a pet pig to ensure you will be able to be a responsible parent and never abandon it!

A few pointers are listed below:

#1. Pigs are NOT like other animals but are, instead, more like children. They have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child. They have the curiosity and need for attention as a 2-3 year old child. They are as time consuming as a 2-3 year old child. They can be as naughty and manipulative as a 2-3 year old child. Since they live for nearly 20 years it is like taking care of a 2-3 year old child for 20 years. This means you should take your commitment to care for a pet pig very seriously!

#2. NEVER buy a pig for your kid or your teen unless you are willing to care for the pig when they become disinterested! Kids and teens often get tired of the responsibility that comes with caring for pigs who are as intelligent and time consuming as a 2-3 year old child and live for nearly 20 years! As we know, kids and teens grow up and their life circumstances change such as going to college; moving out of the house; getting married; and having babies. If you don't want care for your child's pig when your child can no longer do so then PLEASE don't get them a pet pig!

#3. Pigs most always grow up much BIGGER than expected-- especially so-called teacup; micro; and nano pigs and this is one of the main reasons they are so often abandoned.  Pet Pigs sold by breeders often grow up to be much BIGGER than advertised (upwards of 100+ pounds). Don't believe me? Check out our  photos and our video featuring numerous fully grown "mini" pigs. Sellers often fib to get your money and will underfeed or inbreed their pigs at times to keep them small, something that is unhealthy & shortens piggy lifespan. Adopting a rescue pig gives you a more accurate idea of size and disposition of a pig & also saves that pig from a lifetime of misery!

#4. Many cities are not zoned for pigs and housing associations rarely permit them. This often results in pigs being abandoned. Please check your zoning and housing association rules before you consider getting a pig.

 #5. Pigs are often destructive due to their natural rooting instinct. They are are known to eat the carpet; the walls; phones, laptop computers, buttons off clothing, etc! Please don't get a pig if you want to keep a perfect yard, home, or attire!

 #6. Consider getting two pigs instead of one! Although pigs are often very happy to be the only child, getting two pigs ensures the one pig will not get lonely when you are away at work; school; or other engagements. With the intellect of a 2-3 year old child, pigs get bored and lonely very quickly, because of this a second pig can provide them with companionship. It will also help them from being overly spoiled and dependent upon you which is not healthy for them. A word of caution, however, you will need good advice and help in getting the right companion for your pig as many are very territorial. 

#7. Baby-proof your home! If your pig is allowed indoors then the house must be “baby proofed” because they will get into your cabinets; cleaning products; poisonous plants; etc. They will also be under your feet when you cook so make sure a baby gate separates them from a hot stove or oven!

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