Prissy & Bomber's Take on Meat 


Oink oink snort bark oink snort snort oink bark oink oink snort bark oink OINK SNORT BARK!”


Bomber:  Gosh, I'm sad. I sure hate it when people eat our pig friends-- why do they have to do that? 

Prissy:  A lot of good people eat meat because they don’t know about the extreme abuse & torture occurring in many farms today, especially in the large chain & factory farms that provide most of our country's meat. 

Bomber:  You mean all the routine kicking, punching, shocking, burning, “thumping” & caging that is so tight that our pig friends can't even turn around? 

Prissy:  Exactly. I bet if a lot of people knew this they would stop eating meat like daddy Frank & mommy Tiffney did!

Bomber:  We have thoughts and feelings & don't want to be abused, killed, or eaten. Not only do we love people & make great pets but we're also really smart. You know, we're rated the smartest domestic animal with intelligence that is compared to that of a 2-3 year old human child!  

Prissy: That's right Bomber! If taught to do so, we can perform many tricks such as ride a skateboard; jump through hoops; fetch; beg; and most of all, we love to give hugs & kisses!

Bomber:  So why do people still kill & eat us? They don't eat their doggies or kitties & we're just as loving & smart! Aren't you suppose to "treat others the way you want to be treated?"

Prissy:   They are only confused, Bomber. A lot of good people eat meat because they feel God told them it was ok. 

Bomber:  Well, if that's true then God only said it was ok when animals could roam free range, when they were treated kindly in family farms, when they were allowed to run, play, & nuzzle with their mothers as babies.  Today things have changed & animals are being tortured every day of their lives--- this no longer gives people God's so-called "permission" to eat us anymore! 

Prissy:  I just don’t think a lot of people understand how much the animals are suffering so we must tell them Bomber!

Yes, we must remind them that man’s first job was to care for the animals in the Garden according to the Good Book! He was given the responsibility to ensure the animals' welfare on a daily basis and not contribute to their torture! 

Prissy: No words truer spoken Bomber! I think we make a great team, let’s get out there & spread the word.

Proverbs 12:10: “The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal, but the mercies of the wicked ones are cruel."    

                                       A note From Prissy & Bomber’s Parents:

Hello folks, there’s no judgment on this end regarding meat consumption just a genuine plea for compassion & mercy. We used to eat meat for years until learning of the daily tortures against animals prior to slaughter in many farms, especially the large chain & factory farms behind cheap meat such as McDonalds; Burger King; Walmart, etc. We immediately put meat down & haven’t missed it since. Please consider the resources below as a means to help you stop eating meat or, at the very least, reduce & modify your intake (i.e. cage free, humane certified). Every little bit helps & you can make a real difference for the animals one step— & one cute nose—at a time!

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