Click here to see some of the pigs available for sponsorship:

If you’d love to be a parent to a very special pig but don’t have the circumstances to physically care for one in your home, try sponsoring! Sponsoring is when you pick a pig that stays at our rescue but you are considered its long-distance parent by paying for all of its basic needs & care. Here's what happens when you sponsor:
  •  Your donations will be focused on the care of the pig of your choice, providing it with extra treats and attention! 
  •  You will receive a family membership with our rescue which includes free gifts and monthly raffle entries.
  • You will receive frequent pictures & updates on your pig’s activities & well-being along.  


                             Sponsoring Parent Package:                                     

                                             $1 a day or $365/year
                                                                                             or $35/ month

The sponsoring parent packages permits you to be a "long distant parent” & care for the pig of your choice for an entire year, providing it with the basic needs & security vital for a happy & healthy life. Hunger pains will no longer be a concern for this little pig with the food & water provisions this package provides; the sting of bitter cold and extreme weather will be all but forgotten with the shelter it ensures; and the continual pain of untreated medical issues will be a distant memory in the past. Going to bed with a full tummy & snuggling into warm bedding each night will give this piggy best of dreams & hope for a bright new tomorrow thanks to its new long distance parent- You!