Prissy & Bomber’s parents, Frank & Tiffney Dunaway, have made significant life changes & personal sacrifice to make this nonprofit organization possible. In addition to directly caring for over 300 pigs at their rescue in Tampa, Florida, they are spearheading an intensive educational outreach with programs aimed at involving the local community and pigs. Even further, their plan is to build numerous rescues across the country which will all share the same high standard of living & care so that all pigs can be ensured a happy, quality life. 

    Unfortunately, many “rescues” today are under-financed &understaffed resulting in poor living conditions for the animals. Prissy & Bomber’s Pig Pen will be assigning a rating scale from A to F for other rescues which will reward those who truly care for the animals & expose those who don’t. Such efforts will help to standardize pig care nationwide, something that is desperately needed for the animals. In a case recently aired in a National Geographic TV show about animal hoarding,
over 400 pigs were seized from a rescue in Florida and gassed to death by Flagler county in a semi truck to "correct" the problem. This case was not isolated with such inhumane treatment against pigs being rampant. Pigs are rarely respected in today's society & Prissy & Bomber, along with their parents & supporters, aim to change all this through education; raising awareness; and focusing on the prevention, intervention, & prosecution of pig abuse and neglect.             

                                         We Help People Too! 
    Prissy & Bomber's Pig Pen helps needy children through the healing experience of child-animal interaction. Daddy Frank is currently a “Big Brother”; he & Momma Tiffney have enjoyed foster parenting in the past. They are both are currently in the process of bringing kids & pigs together in love and healing. Due to the intelligence and curious nature of both pigs & kids, this seems to be a perfect match!

Furthermore, Prissy & Bomber's Pig Pen unites the elderly & pigs together in a stimulating and therapeutic union through nursing home visits & other activities which focus on the needs of the more mature members of our society.
In short, Prissy
& Bomber’s parents will continue to invest all their energy & every cent toward making proper pig care possible. Any  supplemental support you can share with us would be greatly appreciated! You, as the valued donor & porcine (pig) friend, will be kept apprised of how your donation dollars are being spent through frequent updates & our quarterly newsletter. We thank you for your generous support & for the opportunity to expand our outreach to the needy pigs (and children and elderly folk) across this great nation.
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  How We Help Pigs includes, but is not limited to: