Items we sure Wish we had:

   click this link to take you to tractor supply gift cards, great for feed and supplies!
Lowe's Home Improvement   click this link to take you to Lowes gift cards, great for supplies!
click this link to take you to Walmart gift cards, great for cereals, blankets, and pedialyte for piglets!

Food Stuff Donations:

*Please call in feed donations to Lay's Feed in Lakeland, Florida (813) 689-1570
(one huge 50 lb bag of feed is only $7.50!)
*Healthy breads and cereals such as cheerios, shredded wheat, Kix
*Animal Crackers
*Peanut butter

Vet Donations:
*Please donate to Prissy & Bomber's Veterinary Clinic:
Care Animal Hospital in Brandon, FL. (813) 684-7387

Donate Items to Our Store:
  • Pig collectible items (figurines, dolls, etc.) that are in nice re-sellable condition to be sold in our store.
  • Real gold, silver, and precious metal jewelry to be sold in our store to help piggies. 
*** All items donated to our store will receive receipt for fair market value!***